Through Angels Reiki, Divinity Reiki, Heal Your Body Mind Soul

Healing energy of cosmic forces. It is very gentle. Working with human energy centres helps to reduce stress, aids in body healing and brings harmony to life.

Reiki is the mystery of gaining personal deep knowledge about God, about yourself, about life, about love.

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  • Strengthens

    The immune and nervous system

  • Improves

    Overall health and mood

  • Speeds up

    Healing processes for different diseases and infections

  • Helps to get rid of

    Anxiety and inflammation

  • Encourages

    Self-improvement and spiritual growth

  • Resolves

    Internal conflicts and tensions

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  • Accurate Aura Readings and Energy Healing at Dimensions Healing: A Welcoming Experience with Harshini

    I had an incredibly accurate Aura reading at Dimensions Healing, where they utilize the cutting-edge Biopulsar technology. Harshanie, the practitioner, is not only kind and friendly but also highly knowledgeable in spirituality and energy healing. Her willingness to assist and her expertise make her a reliable source for any inquiries in these areas. I'm excited to try Reiki healing during my next visit.
  • A Delightful Journey of Authentic Crystals, Exceptional Service, and Spiritual Treasures

    I found out about Dimensions through a close friend of mine. I took a trip to the dimensions store with her and I was really drawn by the vibe of the store and the owner herself is absolutely lovely! Since my first visit I’ve secured some rare crystals which Dimensions carry in the store - and these crystals are authentic and work well with my everyday work. The customer service at Dimensions is fabulous, I have ordered online and received my orders in a matter of couple of hours. On a side note - They not only have crystals - they also have sage, Palo santo and many other spiritual items as well. Go visit them and find out for yourself!
  • A Healing Haven for Clarity, Emotional Well-being, and Blessings

    I first visited Dimensions during a challenging period in my life. That casual visit was a turning point as it helped me with my emotional as well physical well being.
    Just one session with Harshinie was all it took to clarify and bring to focus exactly what I needed to hear at that time. I was able to move forward , clearing emotional blocks that were affecting my physical health.
    Thank you once again beautiful Harshini for helping me 😘
    Stay Blessed Always!
  • Unveiling Healing Miracles with Harshanie's Angelic Light ✨

    l had a transformational Angelic Light Healing session with Harshanie, she is a very warm caring nurturing healer. At the time l saw her l felt stuck on my own healing journey, but after the session l felt a HUGE shift!!! I am not sure how she works her metaphysical Angelic Light Healing magic, but l felt fantastic after the session. Thank you Harshanie
  • Divine Destiny: Healing and Transformation through an Earth Angel

    I met Harshanie by what seems by chance, but I now know it was Divine destiny. She entered my life when I was broken and lost and felt that I had no one in my life to help me. Her gentle and kind soul, combined with her ability to channel the Divine has healed me in ways I never thought possible. I now feel like a new person, the person I should have been, the person I really am, and I’m now stronger than ever. I have also learnt how to forgive, and to accept healing for even my old wounds. I have told this beautiful woman that she is an Earth Angel and I truly believe it. Thank you God for sending such a beautiful soul into my life and thank you Harshanie for helping me. I am eternally grateful and thankful. Love you.